Business Coach Benefits: 9 Reasons Business Owners Should Hire a Coach

By Donna Martin

Owning a business is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it also comes with some challenges. Every business owner will experience highs and lows, such as the thrill of a successful sales season or the humbling experience of lingering in the red for longer than anticipated.

Having a relationship with a mentor you trust can help you navigate these highs and lows and come out all the wiser. Whether you’re a new or seasoned business owner, it’s worthwhile to consider the benefits a business coach can offer.

Why Hire a Business Coach?

Your business is your investment. A new business owner may have a great business idea, a few connections, and the encouragement of friends and family, but navigating all the red tape of starting a business and making sound early investments can be difficult without professional guidance.

A seasoned business owner may be struggling with a more specific issue, such as widening their hiring pool or increasing profits for exit planning.

Adding a business coach to your list of investments could pay off in the long run. Below are four undeniable benefits of a business coach.

Hiring a Business Coach Is a Confidence Boost

Hiring a business coach means you have a reliable and experienced professional to help guide you across these early obstacles. The confidence boost provided by an experienced business coach can make it much easier to handle the challenges to come. Your business coach has likely started enough businesses and helped enough other business owners to know the various pitfalls you’re likely to face.

To Enjoy Life Instead of Dealing with the Same Problems Over and Over

Remember the energy and excitement you had when you started your business and you thought anything was possible? With the right coach, you can feel that way again.

If your days are spent reacting to one crisis after another and you end up exhausted, business coaching can be the way to start fresh. Whether you are overwhelmed by people problems, profitability issues or working too many hours, it can change. With the right professional coach, you can solve those problems for good. 

I call it playing offense instead of defense. Business coaching gives you a place to focus on and solve the issues that drag you down. The business systems you build with your coach will give you freedom to do what you want to do instead of burn up time reacting to the same issues again and again.

Business Coaches Keep You Accountable

When you run your own business, you have a lot of plates in the air, so it can be hard to focus on the right things. You need to put forth consistent effort into your business day after day if you want to succeed. When you don’t have someone looking over your shoulder, it can be easy to slack off. You may be your own boss, but it can be difficult to maintain the discipline required to make your company succeed. Hiring a business coach is a great way to ensure your personal accountability.

Your coach will offer encouragement, advice, and invaluable guidance, but they will also keep you focused on your responsibilities and prevent you from slacking. Remember, business coaches earn their living by helping business owners succeed, so your business coach has a professional investment in your enterprise’s success!

To Earn More Money

You can have a better lifestyle.

When you and a professional business coach put profitability under a microscope, you will find ways to grow the bottom line to get more income to pay yourself.  One of the reasons you may have started your business was so you could earn more money than you would working for someone else.  Unfortunately, you may end up earning less.  You can change that by working with a coach to grow revenue and reduce expenses, step by step. You will end up with more money in your pocket and you deserve it!

To Get Results Faster

You can get the satisfaction of seeing the significant progress in your business that you’ve wanted for years.

Even though you may know exactly what you need to do, many days you may feel like you’re caught in a whirlpool getting pushed around by forces stopping you from getting critical things done. Hiring a professional business coach will give you the consistent support you’ve been missing to keep you on track and make sure your priorities get accomplished.   

Make Dreams Come True

The right coach can give you the confidence to jump off the limb and fly.

Do you have a great idea–a new company you want to start or a way to expand your current business? Don’t bottle it up.  Give it some air. Get momentum to make it happen.  A professional business coach can give you reassurance and can be a knowledgeable sounding board when you want to take a new risk. That can make the difference between taking the next step toward an exciting new venture and staying stuck.

A Business Coach Can Offer Sound Advice

Your business coach can help you streamline your operation in surprising ways. An experienced business coach can offer actionable, relevant advice pertaining to your specific business situation. Your coach likely faced countless challenges while running his or her own business and can help you avoid common mistakes that might otherwise ruin your company.

To Make the Right Moves When It’s Time to Sell or Pass on Business

Wouldn’t you like to look back with satisfaction and peace of mind knowing you made the right choices when you left your business? With the right coach, you can replace murky thinking about the future with a crystal clear picture of how you will exit your business.

Making a smooth, successful transition may include designing your next life before you let go of your current one. The right coach will help you tackle the challenge.  Without one, it’s likely that the hard questions won’t get answered and difficult issues won’t be resolved especially if family members are involved.

A Business Coach Is a Wise Investment

As a business owner, you’re going to need to invest in the necessary tools for your company to succeed. You need to ensure each of these investments offers an acceptable return to keep your company afloat. Investing in a business coach could be the best investment you ever make for your business. It’s likely that the return you receive from the insights and advice gained from your coach will be incalculable. Your business coach can provide you with the motivation, guidance, and support to overcome the challenges that overwhelm many businesses.

Time to Get (Back) On Track

Change Engine is a holistic business coaching firm geared toward helping small to medium-sized businesses maximize their potential, streamline their operations, and expand with confidence. When you work with Change Engine, you receive practical, actionable advice built on decades of business ownership experience.

If you want more time for your life, more income, less stress or a well designed exit plan, contact me to schedule a free, no obligation 30-minute coaching session. See if coaching is right for you.

About the Author
Donna Martin
Donna Martin
Through hard work and a lot of persistence Donna became a successful owner and manager who hired and retained great people, was happy with the bottom line, got to travel the world and ultimately sold the company for more than she expected. After 22 years, Donna became a business coach because of a drive to help owners like you get great results faster with less worry.


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