5 Business Tasks That Might Be Worth Outsourcing

By Donna Martin

As a business owner, you oversee everything – both the major decisions and the minor details. You are ultimately in control of your employees, your product launches, company accounting and finances, vendor purchases, and even cleaning the office. Although it is difficult to trust others with the tasks that keep your business running, many companies today are finding a great benefit in outsourcing some of these duties.

Know What to Outsource for Your Growing Business

As your business grows and you need to pass various responsibilities on to others, consider outsourcing these five business tasks.

  • Research. Regardless of the nature of your business, you undoubtedly have research work that needs to be done. From law firms and accountants to restaurants and factories, you always need to learn something new, find a leading edge to stay at the top of your game, or prepare a presentation to hook that next big client. There are many internet-based services available to link you to skilled professionals who can handle these responsibilities for you.
  • Payroll and Bookkeeping. Managing your company’s books is no easy undertaking. Even if you are adept at working with numbers, there are so many factors involved with state and federal regulations, tax laws, and financial specifics that you need to maintain accuracy. Two things you want to avoid are employee complaints and audits. Outsourcing this work to a professional accounting service will save you valuable time and many headaches.
  • Content Marketing and Social Media Management. Promoting your services and products on social media is essential in today’s business world. This platform is constantly changing with new developments that lead to hot new sites and apps – and new ways to manage them. Freelance writers, graphic designers, and social media geniuses are at your fingertips, ready to help expand your reach and promote your business.
  • Answering Phones, Appointments, Reservations, and Scheduling. Virtual assistants can do wonders for large and small businesses alike. These services can ensure you get important messages, receive and respond to emails, and schedule incoming appointments as well as those you need to make with other businesses. These logistical chores are time consuming, and the cost of a full-time receptionist may not be necessary for your company. Try hiring a virtual assistant to help.
  • Human Resources. Hiring, firing, and maintaining strong employer-employee relationships are delicate procedures that are every bit as important as the marketing of your product. Consider trusting this duty to an experienced, professional service. As there may be legal considerations, make sure you have an experienced team on board.

Get Help When You Need It Most

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the details of your business that can easily be outsourced, contact Change Engine to see how we can help. Let us take some of the stress out of your work week and help you free up some valuable company time.

About the Author
Donna Martin
Donna Martin
Through hard work and a lot of persistence Donna became a successful owner and manager who hired and retained great people, was happy with the bottom line, got to travel the world and ultimately sold the company for more than she expected. After 22 years, Donna became a business coach because of a drive to help owners like you get great results faster with less worry.


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